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Lena Carlsson

Lena CarlssonLena Carlsson’s work concerning Selma Lagerlöf is mostly concentrated around the author’s younger years – the period when she worked as a teacher in Landskrona (1885-1897). Lena Carlsson has edited a correspondence between Selma Lagerlöf and her two friends in Landskrona, Elise Malmros and Anna Oom, Selma, Anna och Elise (‘Selma, Anna and Elise’, 2 vols, 2009-10). She is the author of a children’s book entitled Fröken Selma! (‘Miss Selma!’, 2013) and a book about the restauration of a worker’s house at Mårbacka, Arbetarbostaden på Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka (‘The Worker’s House at Selma Lagerlöf’s Mårbacka’, 2014). She is a member of Selma Lagerlöf-sällskapet (the Selma Lagerlöf Society).